Microsoft Access Introduction

Suitable for: Anyone needing to learn how to use an Access Database to enter, manage and run reports on large amounts of data.
Objectives: Acquire the essential skills to open and interrogate an existing database. Develop awareness of the importance of planning and database design prior to creating and saving a new database. Understand Data Types and employ methods to ensure easy, accurate and efficient data entry. Create and enter data using tables and forms. Use queries to interrogate and extract data. Produce reports for presentation purposes. to enter, manage and run reports on large amounts of data. In this tutorial, you will learn the essential skills needed to use a database including entering data into forms and tables, running queries to search data and producing meaningful reports.
Course Content:
Overview of databases and introduction to tables, forms, queries and reports
Managing database objects
Creating, naming and saving a Database and related objects
Understanding data types
Data validation rules
Creating tables
Entering data using tables (and forms) and understasnding the appropriate use and advantages of each
Creating and modifying forms
Working with tables and forms
Creating a simple query
Query design options
Queries with multi-criteria
Creating and running other types of queries
Creating, modifying and printing reports
Summary and roundup of key points