Microsoft PowerPoint Refresher

Suitable for: Anyone who wishes to produce professional presentations which quickly, easily and effectively communicates a message. Present ideas to clients, explain a concept or procedure to employees or teach a class.

Objectives: Create slide shows; add text, tables, charts and SmartArt graphics. Use special effects, including slide transition, sound effects and animations. Earlier versions of Microsoft PowerPoint required a lot of time to manually format objects to match the document's overall style. Introduce enhanced features available in newer versions to create professional designer-quality illustrations with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Course Content:

  • Opening PowerPoint     
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  • Overview of slide layouts            
  • Apply a new layout to a slide     
  • Add Slides          
  • Delete a slide    
  • Add and format text      
  • Change the appearance of text
  • Add Clip Art, Tables, Graphs and SmartArt graphics, and other objects          
  • Convert slide text to a SmartArt graphic               
  • Smart Art Graphic           
  • PowerPoint  views: Normal, Sllde, Slide show Sorter                  
  • Apply an appropriate look to your presentation      
  • Add a background style to your presentation     
  • Apply a theme to your presentation      
  • Slide transition 
  • Add sound and speed to slide transitions             
  • Animation          
  • Apply a built-in animation effect to text or an object      
  • Create and apply a custom animation effect to text or objects   
  • Naming and saving your presentation          
  • Print options: presentations, handouts, notes pages and outlines