Outlook : Email and Contacts

Suitable for: : Anyone who needs to send, retrieve and organise e-mails (including those with attachments).

Objectives: Improve productivity by enhancing the ability to manage and organise emails

Course Content:

• Using Email in Outlook

• Viewing Options

• The Email Toolbars

• Create an Email

• Email Attachments

• Attach a file

• Attach an Item

• Attach a Business Card

• Attach a Signature

• Attach a Calendar

• Attach a Distribution List

• Important Emails

• Quick Parts

• Voting Buttons

• Delivery Options

• Using Contacts in Outlook

• Adding a contact

• To Email a contact

• Distribution Lists

• Creating Folders for Emails

• Colour Coding Emails

• Delegating Email to a Colleague

• Signatures

• Message Alerts and other options

• Stationary and Fonts