Microsoft Word Refresher

Suitable for: This course advances users from the early stages of Word processing and assumes only a fundamental familiarity with Microsoft Windows software. Attendees will gain a fast, practical knowledge of the powerful features of this package and work through a series of exercises in order to master the software.
Objectives: To become proficient in Microsoft Word and use the toolbars and menu systems to their best advantage, in order to efficiently produce a wide range of different documents to the highest standard.

Course Content:

             Navigating, the layout of newer versions of Microsoft Word

             Customise Quick Access Toolbar

             Accessing and using Help

             Zoom and Document Views

             Customise Status bar

             Tabs, On-demand tabs, and Launch buttons

             Shortcut keys

             File Management – info, save and send options

             Word Options

             AutoCorrect and AutoText features

             Using the spell checker and thesaurus

             Cut, copy, paste and Format Painter

             Formatting Text- font style, size, case, colour

             Subscripts and Superscripts

             Aligning text

             Bulleting and Numbering text

             Multilevel lists

             Find, Search and Replace text

             Quick Parts

             Inserting illustrations -pictures, shapes, company logos and screenshots

             SmartArt Graphics  - insert, design and format

             Tables – insert, design and layout

             Headers, footers, page numbers and cover page

             Page Setup and background –Margins, orientation, watermarks, page colour and borders

             Previewing, printing, saving, sending and filing