Outlook : Calendars, Tasks and Meetings

Suitable for: Anyone involved in setting tasks, appointments, meetings and scheduling events for themselves or others.
Objectives: Improved ability to create tasks, schedule meetings and share calendars. Use Outlook on an individual basis or as part of a workgroup environment

Course Content:

·         Overview of Calendars, Tasks and Meetings Using Outlook

·         Colour Categories     

            ·         To-Do Bar      

            ·         Flagging Mail as Tasks    

            ·         To create a task               

            ·         Calendar Display              

            ·         Calendar options             

            ·         Sharing Calendars           

            ·         Sharing Requests            

            ·         View Multiple Calendars              

            ·         Printing Calendars          

            ·         Appointments  

            ·         Instant Search  

            ·         Arranging a Meeting