Skype – How to communicate using Skype

Duration: One hour 30 minutes.

Suitable for: Anyone wanting to discover or recap the basics of how to use Skype for video and voice calls, and develop a knowledge and understanding of extra features such as messaging, sending files,  screen sharing and recording calls.  

Objectives: To become proficient in using Skype, understand privacy options and develop a awareness of appropriate ways to use Skype for both personal and business use.

Course Content:

 Bespoke IT Training

·         Creating a Skype account

·         What you need to get started with Skype

·         Downloading Skype

·         Creating and sharing a profile

·         Privacy options

·         Adding Contacts

            ·         Making voice and video calls

·         History – viewing conversations

·         Sending instant messages

·         Creating groups for conference calls

·         Sending Files

·         Sharing Screens

·         Extra tools and Plugins

·         Recording calls (or online tutorials)