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Contact & Networking Opportunities

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Having this internet malarkey is great but it’s no substitute for being able to meet up with other business owners in person.

Face to Face Business Networking is our preferred way of keeping in touch so you'll find us at a wide range of events in the North East & North Yorkshire.

Networking Events in the North East & North Yorkshire:

‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’

Networking is a great way to make new business contacts and build on existing relationships. Business professionals who network on a regular basis increase sales, reduce costs, find new suppliers, share ideas and enjoy what can be a fun experience.

Free Networking Events:

  • The Mussel Club

The Mussel Club provides a range of FREE business networking & social events to help develop successful businesses throughout the North East.

  • Northallerton Business Network

Informal business network group meeting on first Monday of each month in Northallerton area. No hard sell, no prescribed outcomes, no pressure and no agenda - simply make connections, find solutions, and promote your business.

Regular Events with Networking Opportunities

  • North East Expo
  • Organised by Marc Gordon. Always a great line up of speakers featuring the best of local, regional and global business. Featuring networking, marketing and business development at the core of the event and it is FREE to attend for all delegates. Look out for other Expo events in Sunderland, Cumbria and Scotland.
  • Mussel Club Expo www.musselclub/events

Useful Websites

Remember you can use to search for (Business) Networking events. Enter a location and date range to narrow your search.

The online resource offers a simple, quick way to access information about Business Networking events, business clubs and networking groups in your local area.

Happy Networking!

Online Networking:

If you can't get out and about you could try some online networking. There are various 'Twitter Hours' on designated days and times.

For information on 'Twitter Hours' in the North East see our list on

'Sharing is Caring' if you know others who will find these networking opportunities useful feel free to share.