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Print Only What You Want

There’s no need to print the entire file if you only want:

A few pages.

A couple of paragraphs in a Word document.

A particular section of an Excel Spreadsheet.

Make Yourself a Little SmartArt

Infographics are all the rage. Can you make a picture tell a 1000 words?

Turn Your World Upside Down

Hints ant tips for Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

Excel Tips

Don't forget your Willies!

Using Autocorrect in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Word Microsoft Outlook AutoCorrect

IT Skills for a Good Hair Day

How to toggle from upper to lower case.

Toggle Case

One Chance to make a good First Impression

Contains a two minute video demonstrating how to produce a LinkedIn vanity URL

Hello - Is it me you're looking for?

Communication Skills for Business


Should Hospitals provide Free Wifi for Patients?

Discussion of how WIFI can provide distraction and reduce anxiety


Should a lack of technology be a license to rip off customers?

How a leading retailer's failure to invest in technology is used as a license to short change customers.

Solar Powered - Electric Shocks

Energy Giants put customers at risk with crass and unprofessional processes in spite of available technology

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