Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Suitable for: Existing Excel users who wish to use the advanced features of this package. The course starts by refreshing the layout and efficient navigation techniques fundamental to newer versions of Microsoft Office. It then quickly advances to include detailed coverage of additional features.

Objectives: Extend the users knowledge of formulae. Apply appropriate Data Validation rules to speed-up data entry and improve accuracy. Consider additional tools to assist in summarising and analysing data. Sort and filter lists. Create and modify graphs/charts in Excel. Link cells in multiple worksheets.

Course Content:

SECTION 1 – Data Entry - Time Savers


Entering Numbers

Faster Data Entry with Autofill

Create your own Custom Lists

Text to Columns

Flash Fill

Cell Notes / Comments

Data Validation -Settings -Input messages - Error Alerts

Tips for working with data validation

Add data validation to a cell or range

Restrict data entry to values in a drop-down list

Restrict data entry to a whole number or decimal numbers within limits

Restrict data entry to a date or time within a time/date frame or to a specified length

Copy data validation settings

SECTION 2 -Working with and Presenting Data

Freeze panes to lock specific rows or columns

Sorting Data, text, numbers, dates, times

Sort by cell colour, font colour, or icon

Sort by more than one column

Sort rows

Filtering Data

Apply a Filter to text, numbers, dates or times

Filter for top or bottom numbers, above or below average numbers

Filter for blanks or nonblanks

Filter by cell colour, font colour, or icon set

Determine if a filter is applied, clear a filter or filter for unique values

View two worksheets in the same workbook side by side

Subtotals -Show or hide outlined data, copy outlined data

Remove subtotals



SECTION 3 – Formulae

Multiple worksheets in Excel

Formulae linking different cells in multiple worksheets


Create a formula by using cell references or a function

Absolute References -Switch between relative, absolute, and mixed references

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