Number Crunching

Hi to all the Enterprising Entrepreneurs who recently attended the 'Number Crunching' workshop on creating spreadsheets relevant to self-employment.

In addition to all the skills and short cuts we used during the session you requested some additional information on invoices. The link below will allow you to access the notes via google docs.

For a copy of the course notes or additional support remember to contact us via Email:

For anyone interested in attending a course. It is a 'Hands-On' course generally held in two sessions, each of 3 hour duration. The objectives are to more easily manage data and keep financial records relevant to self-employment. The topics covered include:


Creating, naming and saving a spreadsheet.

Entering and editing text and numbers

Quick and efficient data entry using the ‘series’ technique.

Data Validation for speedy and accurate data entry.

Using formulae with all four operators: +, -, *, /, and brackets. Including use of AutoSum.

Being aware that results created with the use of a formula can be changed when the data they’re dependent on is updated.

Understanding the order in which Excel performs calculations (eg. Why 1+2*3 =7, and not 9)

Aligning and formatting data.

Adjusting column width

Freezing panes

Sorting and filtering data.

Printing (with gridlines)

Printing on one page: Using ‘orientation’ or adjusting column widths

Cut, copy and paste data within an existing spreadsheet or to a separate sheet or workbook.

Creating and naming multiple sheets. Grouping sheets for simultaneous data entry. Using multiple sheets and linking formulae to calculate with values on different sheets.

Using and adapting templates.

Spreadsheets (relevant to self-employment)

a. Personal Budget

b. Set up costs

c. Recording mileage (multiple sheets, Series for days/dates, formulae)

d. Income/outcome – preparation for tax return (Data validation, colour, sort, filter)

e. Recording bank interest (business and personal)

f. Create and produce invoices

g. Recording client details

h. Templates

Please contact us if you would like more information about this course.