Customer's Corner

Here are a few customer comments :


"Gill did a brilliant seminar on Using Office 2010, in one hour she showed us tips and tricks that will save us hours of time everyday"

" Excellent course...very well presented"

"I had no idea how much I didn't know till I came on this course......amazing what Excel can do"

"Gill is such a great person to work with. She is full of energy and ideas, always smiling and her enthusism is contageous"

"In the Excel Intermediate course the most useful skills for me were filtering & Data validation which will help me save time and increase efficiency - Super/Thanks"

"Enjoyed the session. Many thanks"

"Very helpful, patient, lots covered. Thank you"

"The training has been very fun and useful"

"The training on Word, Excel and Outlook, will save time, improve accuracy and enhance layout"

"Very pleasant teaching method, taught at a pace suitable to all"

"I did the 'What's new in 2007 course' and the Quick access tool bar and SmartArt will increase efficiency and ensure a 'professional look' to our library publications"

"Excellent PowerPoint training. Importing photo's was very useful. I'll use it to review fieldtrips and for presentations to year groups and parents. I thought it was spot on + just the right amount - bite-size. Thanks"

"The content of the training and level of assistance received was excellent. The most useful skill for me was insertion of multiple images and fast generation of PowerPoints. Definitely use for open days and options evening."

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