How to be a Real Twit

Venue: Evolution Business Centre, Northallerton

Date: Monday 9th June 2014

Time: 10am to 1pm

Investment: £50

Throughout the UK, small and medium sized businesses are using Twitter as a powerful tool to drive awareness of their products and services, boosting sales and reaching new markets as a result, while connecting with existing and potential customers.

72% of SME's say Twitter is important to their marketing strategy, and has positively affected their bottom line!

Some of us acquired our qualifications, skills or training before the revolution in technology and communication came about.

If you remember when apples and blackberries were just good ingredients for a pie - you began your career long before being a twit was considered an asset to a business!

Join the communication revolution - register via email to and be a 'Real Twit'

If you’re going to be a Real Twit there are questions to be answered:

Ø How to integrate Twitter with other marketing activities and strategies to improve business.

Ø The nitty gritty of how to tweet, what to tweet and when to tweet.

Ø Grasping Twitter terminology: @mentions and #hashtag

Ø Using lists on Twitter.

Ø Using regional Twitter Hours.

Ø Scheduling tweets for future dates and times.

Ø The pro’s and con’s of using twitter.

Ø Managing social media in the modern workplace.

Join Gill Carnell, owner of Secrets of Software, and face behind @HambletonHour for "How to be a Real Twit".

You’ll need to bring a laptop and ideally will have already created a twitter account.

The hands-on session will guide you through the layout and use of Twitter. Help you understand how Twitter can raise awareness of your business profile. Connect and engage you with other individuals, businesses, organisations, and potential customers. Keep an eye on other parties with similar interests. Obtain information relevant to your personal and professional development.

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