Legal Sector

We work with solicitors and barristers in the North East & North Yorkshire saving them many hours of valuable time, by improving their knowledge and skills with Microsoft Office.

According to the Law Gazette, Dealing with and storing emails has been shown to occupy up to half the time of highly-skilled professionals such as lawyers. With proper email management techniques, counsel can spend less time searching for information and more time practising law.

An ever increasing amount of technology is now available to assist us with our daily professional tasks. What is often lacking is the training, support and guidance on how to make best use of it.

Work more effectivel and efficiently and save a lot of time.

If you would like more information, have any questions, or have time for a chat about whether yourself or your colleagues would benefit from IT training, please contact me at your own convenience, without obligation.

The list below represents a sample of some potentially useful topics, which I have recently delivered to members of the legal profession:

    • File management -using folders to organise and retrieve documents more effectively. Converting or sending Word or Excel documents as pdf files - so they are not easily changed or edited by others.
    • Email management. Taming the Inbox. Using folders. Replying, forwarding, deleting, blocking and ignoring email. Creating distribution lists. Attaching documents, business cards, calendars and other items to an email. Understanding and using 'conversation view' (new feature in Outlook).
    • Electronic calendars, tasks and meetings.
    • Basic editing tools such as copy, cut and paste, right through to advanced features such as the 'Tracking Tool' to record changes or alterations that other invited individuals suggest might be made to your original document.
    • Microsoft Excel, spreadsheet skills, start from the basics of entering and editing text and numerical values. Altering column widths and working with the appearance and layout of a spreadsheet to produce a report/summary of data to a professional standard. Using formulae to automate calculations and instantly update totals if individual values contained in the spreadsheet are amended. Producing templates which can be used many times over for different cases.
    • Using the Internet and social media tools including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Every training session will be tailor made, taking account of existing skill sets, to suit the needs of the individual or small group of trainees. Focused on outstanding customer service and competitive pricing, I offer a professional, confidential, reliable and friendly service.

What our clients are saying:

Gill - thanks for your expertise recently it has helped enormously!

Barbara Sadler Legal Personal Assistant at Samuel Phillips Law Firm

The most useful skills were the hints and tips on efficient and quick ways to insert information saving time and improving accuracy.

Louise Ottaway, Team Leader/Paralegal

Excellent training, the quick parts and save and send options in Outlook were really useful skills. Victoria White, Conveyancing Paralegal.

I look forward to working with members of the legal profession assisting with their continuous professional development in the future.