Make Yourself a little SmartArt

In a few clicks create a professional graphic and look like a right little SmartArt!

In Microsoft Word, on the Insert Tab, select the SmartArt Tool:

There are many different types of SmartArt Graphics: Lists, cycles, processes, relationships, hierarchy and more.

Select a style, then enter and edit information using the text pane provided. As you add content the SmartArt automatically updates. Shapes are added, removed and resized as you type -it's amazing!

There's no excuse for boring documents! You've got the skills to impress, so set the world on fire.

Once a SmartArt has been selected you will see two additional tabs, Design and Format, which contain the SmartArt Tools.

Experiment with changing colours, themes and styles for the whole graphic or resize, change, amend and alter effects for individual shapes.

SmartArt Graphics are most effective when the number of shapes and amount of text is limited to key points.

After you have customised your SmartArt you can still change to a different layout or you could reset the Graphic.

SmartArt Graphics are available in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and within an email in Outlook. In PowerPoint animation can be added to a SmartArt graphic to make it quickly fly or slowly fade in. You can also individually animate each of the shapes within the graphic to appear one at a time. Give it a whirl - you'll discover some amazing effects.

Professional graphics in just a few clicks. What a little SmartArt you are!

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