Turn Your World Upside Down

Hints ant tips for Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

Recently a client opened an expenses file, inherited from a former employee, and commented:

'This spreadsheet couldn't make less sense if it was upside down'.

With 2 key strokes the data and chart were upside down.

It turned out this was a quick method to make the client laugh, relax and be quickly convinced that they can do anything with a little bit of training.

How to rotate your computer screen:

Here are some Excel shortcuts you might find more useful

  • Ctrl + ; Enters the current date
  • Ctrl + Shift + ; Enters the current time
  • CTRL + D Enters the contents of the cell above
  • Highlight some data and press F11 to instantly produce a chart
  • Alt + Enter Can be used to wrap text in a single cell


  1. Type Welcome To Excel Tips in a single cell
  2. Position cursor before the word Excel
  3. Press Alt + Enter

The text will be wrapped so it appears with Welcome To appearing above Excel Tips

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