Enterprising Entrepreneurs

Helping Entrepreneurs and business owners make the most of the Internet and computer software:

We have a selection of hands-on, full-day and half-day workshops, which we deliver to your clients, in small groups of usually 8 to 10 people.

We run a whole series of workshops specifically designed for Enterprising Entrepreneurs.

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Freebies 4 Biz Powerpoint & Video Creating a FREE website Social Media Number Crunching Spreadsheets

What our clients are saying:

Gill designed and delivered a Freebies 4 Biz (e-commerce) workshop for clients at Durham Enterprise Agency. The presentation was targeted at individuals considering or recently embarked on self-employment but it also provided plenty of ideas to help sustain those already trading. Her confidence, expertise and diverse teaching experience enable her to relate and work effectively with a diverse group of individuals, with differing business plans, varied backgrounds, skill sets, and perspectives Marek Tokarski

Gill delivered a hands–on 'Using Spreadsheets for Business' workshop to clients of East Durham Business Service. The attendees created spreadsheets relevant to self-employment. With lots of tips and hints for quick, effective and accurate data entry, spreadsheets were created for collecting, analysing and managing data to find and communicate with customers. Templates and formulae were used for tasks including, keeping track of travel and mileage expenses, creating invoices, and Income and Expenditure records in preparation for completing a tax return. The spreadsheets and templates created were saved for re-use and attendees empowered with the necessary skills to adapt them as their business grows. Gill has the knowledge and temperament to help businesses with the IT skills required to start up, develop and grow. Her passion and ability to engage with others, had the delegates buzzing with excitement, thinking, asking questions, applying skills and constantly on task.

Gill has created a bespoke series of courses on Computer and Internet Skills for Entrepreneurs. Here, at Five Lamps Enterprise she was keen to collaborate with other staff at all times and demonstrated a willingness and ability to work alongside other team members to compliment and support existing programmes. Gill developed and delivered workshops on Social Media and .How to Create a Free Website. Gill is a well informed IT expert who patiently and clearly presents in an easy to understand teaching format. She supports and encourages people to work at their own pace – without wanting to do it for them. The clients applied the skills acquired throughout the hands-on sessions. With increased confidence, motivation and improved research skills they were empower, encouraged and challenged to extend their knowledge and abilities way beyond the course content. Clients said it was a fantastic course and commented the training could not have been any better. I have no hesitation in recommending her first class, friendly and enthusiastic services to others.